Picking an online casino for some can be tricky, for others, it’s a simple case of just going with what your mates have opted for or have seen on the telly. The fact of the matter is, there is no one ‘best’ site that rules over them all. So, here we are going to help you find the best casino to suit you.

South Africa’s Licensed Online Gambling Sites

In the South African market, there are approximately 20 available online casinos, it’s not the biggest but it is slowly growing considering that online gambling was made legal in 2011.

At this popular website, players can pick from a list of ten sites that were voted the best online sites in 2019. The casinos found on that list are licensed and approved by the National Gaming Board in South Africa. The websites have also been tested by official independent regulators that have certified and approved these casinos as fair and safe to play in.

What you have with this recommended list is a head start in finding the perfect online casino for you to join because they are legally accepted as SA gambling sites, they are regulated to provide fair games and they are safe to join. Plus, they all payout in rand currency.

What Features and Services Are Offered by the Best?

All casinos carry the same features and services, but what we are looking at is the quality of such things. If you want the best security, it about having the right tool that is up to date. If you want the best banking features, then they have to provide across all spectrums of pay to be able to accommodate the different types of players out there and this is the same for the games. Gaming is going to take up 99% of your time whilst you’re a member, so you want the best possible options to win from.

So before you click here to find the perfect online casino to join, here is a brief look at what features and services you can expect from the top-recommended casinos online that are also of the highest quality.

Games: The option of gaming must cover all areas; this includes traditional casino games like slots and virtual machines i.e. Video Poker. This must also provide sports betting and live casino games which include Roulette, Blackjack, Dream Catcher, Poker, Baccarat and many more. Each casino in the top 10 offers all these in over 800 games (on average) per casino.

Software: Protection form the rest of the Internet is essential. All casinos come with the latest SSL software to block hacking and attacks. The tool encrypts data in coding making it fully secure. Each casino is also accessible when using mobile devices.

Banking: You can pay with a number of different reputable and regulated banking services. Your transactions for depositing and withdrawing can be looked after by credit card, eWallet, PayPal, cryptocurrency and prepaid voucher which are just some of the options.

Service: Players will be able to access help from a support team via live chat or email 247. The team will be able to resolve matters with your account, gaming, promotions, banking or any technical query you may have.

Promotions: Each SA casino online has a Welcome Bonus. They also offer a range of rewards form their promotion page, so you are able to access free games, additional cash credits and much more once you register.

Easy Steps to Help Find Your New Online Casino

If you are unsure where to begin looking for an online casino the take these three easy steps that will help you narrow the options down to a number which is easier to select from. Bear in mind, that you can join more than one online casino.

  1. Decide which games you would like to play. If that’s all of them, then look at the casinos which offer all of them. If your focus is only one type of game, then make sure the casino provides this game in as many possible formats, both live and virtual.

  2. Assess what promotions are available from the casino to make sure the games your most wanting to play can be accessible for free, thusly, cutting down the amounts you spend on the games you enjoy.

  3. Lastly, look at the banking, be sure you can deposit and withdraw before you complete the registration process.

Best of luck and have a great time.